Omega Seamaster Repair Centers

Will OMEGA SA repair watches out of production?

Omega is not just a famous brand, it is very old swiss watchmakers. They are committed to service repair Omega watches out of production. OMEGA SA is a watch company part of the Swatch group. The watch brand will hold the Omega watch spare part for 20 years and when it is possible to even longer. When you buy an Omega it is literally for life.

Does OMEGA repair vintage Seamaster watches?

Omega SA will repair and restore vintage Omega watches. If you value your vintage Omega watch and want the best possible care, an OMEGA Center is the best place to repair and restore vintage Omega watch. Why? Because OMEGA manufacture in Switzerland has the spare parts to repair old Omega models. Furthermore Omega centre in Switzerland has the best and most complete knowledge about repairing and restoring their own watches.

Whenever possible OMEGA restoration centre will repair its vintage watches. As a standard OMEGA keep stock of watch spare part for 20 years after a watch is discontinued. Beyond this guaranteed period, OMEGA is trying to keep spare parts in stock as long as possible. It is a testimony of OMEGA commitment to its vintage watches.

How long OMEGA will repair vintage Omega watches?

If your Omega watch is older than 20 years, the Omega centre in Switzerland is the best place to found genuine parts. In some instance, OMEGA can provide substitute part for other Omega watches. This way our vintage watch will remain an authentic Omega watch. Omega watchmakers can restore vintage Omega watches for decades after production.

How much does it cost to restore vintage Omega Speedmaster?

The Omega factory in Switzerland will be restoring vintage Omega watch from $1500. The cost depends on the condition of your vintage watches and the availability of watch parts. After the initial inspection, Omega restoration and repair centre will provide you with an estimated cost for the work. You can then decide what you want to do.

It may be cheaper to have your vintage Omega watch repaired by an independent watchmaker but you risk to have your watch fix using substitute parts that are not authentic Omega parts. It will affect the overall value of your Omega watch.

To how much it will cost to restore your vintage Omega, it best to get an estimated for different places from Omega centre to reputable independent watch repair centres.

How to contact OMEGA about repair on a vintage Omega watch?

Contacting Omega customer support is fairly easy. You can find their contact details on Omega official websites. You can either contact them by phone or by email. OMEGA SA in Switzerland will have English speaking representative able to assist you with your Omega vintage watch repair.

Having photos of your vintage Omega can be practical when you are speaking with an OMEGA centre about repair and service. You can email the photo for the Omega staff to get a better understanding of the situation. They will be in a better position to give you a valuable answer about your vintage Omega watch.

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