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How long does Rolex take to service a Rolex Air-King watch?

Rolex Service Turnaround Time for a Rolex Air-King

How long will it take to service Rolex Air-King? That's a question many people ask prior to getting the service. This issue deserves attention. Rolex's service time would be important to know.

Expect a Rolex Service Time to be between 6 and 8 weeks

Rolex typically takes six weeks to service a Air-King timepiece. Owners of Rolex Air-King watches have reported enjoying faster turnaround times at the Rolex Service Center when they drop off and pick up their watches.

When you post a Rolex Air-King, it takes a week to ten days for the watch to be received and returned to you. Therefore, planning for a 7-week turnaround time for Rolex Air-King Service is recommended.

To ensure that your Rolex Service is completed in the shortest possible time, you need to approve and authorize the Rolex Service Center to perform your Rolex Service as soon as you receive the estimate and bill.

Sending Rolex Air-King to service center

If you want to service your Rolex Air-King watch, you have multiple options. Here is the information you need to choose the right option for you.

The Rolex Air-King can be sent in for service in three ways.

  • Sending your Rolex Air-King to service center by post
  • Rolex Air-King Check in/out at Rolex Service Centre
  • Local Rolex retailers - drop-off and pick-up

Rolex customer service phone

Rolex Centre Service, which can be found near you, is the first place to contact when your Air-King needs service. They will tell you what is the best method for sending your Rolex Air-King watch.

  • Rolex Customer Service Australia +61 3 9654 3988
  • Rolex Customer Service Canada +1 416 968 1100
  • Rolex Customer Service France+33 1 44 29 01 50
  • Rolex Customer Service Germany +49 221/ 1650 0
  • Rolex Customer Service Hong Kong +852 2249 8888
  • Rolex Customer Service India +91 22 6625 3600
  • Rolex Customer Service Singapore +65 6737 9033
  • Rolex Customer Service South Africa +27 11 784 9230
  • Rolex Customer Service Spain +34 91 426 49 00
  • Rolex Customer Service Switzerland +41 22 302 22 00
  • Rolex Customer Service London (UK) +44 20 7024 7300
  • Rolex Customer Service United States (US) +1 212 758 7700

Sending your Rolex Air-King to service center by post

Once you contact Rolex Service Centre and inquire about your Rolex Air-King servicing, Rolex will give instructions on how to send it for service. In an emailed document, Rolex outlines its policies for sending Rolex watches to their Rolex Service centers.

Ensure that you don't send your Rolex Air-King before receiving instructions from the Rolex Service Center. The Rolex watch company follows a rigid protocol when it comes to sending Rolex watches. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the Rolex Service Centre when your Rolex Air-King is packaged and sealed in a box.

It is Rolex's policy not to open the parcel if you don't follow their instructions.

Instructions for mailing to the Rolex Service Center

It's possible that the packaging instructions may change, so be sure to follow what Rolex sends you. The following are some points you might be asked by a Rolex Service Center:

  • Fill out the bottom part of the Rolex Service form. This form needs to accompany your Rolex Air-King.
  • Rolex watches are best packaged in a sturdy boxes. The Rolex Air-King needs to be securely placed inside the box to prevent movement.
  • You should not use the original Rolex box you received with your Rolex Air-King for packing or sending it to Rolex Manufacturing Services.
  • It is recommended by Rolex that you wrap the Rolex Air-King with soft tissue paper followed by bubble wrap.
  • The box should be packed with tissue or another packing material. Rolex Air-Kings must be positioned in the middle of the box.
  • Because of the packing material, Rolex Air-King watches should not move inside the box.
  • You should also include any relevant documentation, including Rolex's warranty card, on top of the packing material.
  • The Rolex form must be completed legibly to ensure proper processing by the service center database.
  • Closing and securing the box should be done with brown paper tape. To prevent package tampering, plastic tape should not be used.
  • Send your package to the Rolex Service Center of your choice.

The Rolex Air-King Warranty Card is green

The Rolex warranty card must accompany the Rolex watch. It would be a good idea to contact the Rolex Service Center before sending the Air-King if you don't have the green warranty card.

It is recommended to use registered mail

Rolex Air-King parcels should be shipped via registered mail. It varies from country to country, but the parcel should be tracked and signed for by the recipient. If possible, the tracking of a parcel should be available online.

If the item is lost or damaged, you can also take out an insurance policy that covers you up to a certain amount. It will be necessary for you to declare the content and the value of your content.

Rolex Air-King Packing for Service - Check List

Rolex Air-King should be packed in line with the manufacturer's instructions

Pack the parcel with brown paper before sending it to Rolex. The Rolex Service Centre will return any packages sealed in plastic or attached with cellophane. Rolex will return the Rolex Air-King immediately.

Documentation for the Rolex Air-King warranty

As instructed, include the Rolex mailing form along with the warranty card when sending the Rolex Air-King.

Using registered mail for sending your Rolex Air-King

Rolex Air-King watch requires a tracking number and signature when addressed to a Rolex Service Center.

Rolex Air-King Check in/out at Rolex Service Centre

Rolex Service Centers are specifically designated to service Rolex watches. If you need to service a Rolex Air-King in your home country, you will be able to do so at a Rolex Service Center. Service of Rolex watches is generally not necessary in Switzerland.

If there is a Rolex Service Center in your city, make an appointment to drop off your Rolex Air-King there. As well, the Rolex Air-King can be picked up when it has been serviced. Rolex Customer Service can arrange an appointment in your country. An appointment can be arranged through a representative. Watch owners who own Rolex Air-King watches can drop them off at a Rolex Service Center lounge. From start to finish, it was a fantastic experience. 

It is not all convenient to have a Rolex Service Centre nearby. It has been reported that people serviced Rolex watches in Singapore while on holiday.

Local Rolex retailers - drop-off and pick-up

The Rolex Dealer where you purchased the watch can be found on the green plastic card that you receive when you receive your Rolex Air-King timepiece.

All Rolex retailers provide aftercare service, regardless of whether you bought the watch in their store or not. 

Rolex dealers, instead of servicing Rolex Air-Kings, offer pickup and delivery services. Your Rolex watch can be taken to a Rolex authorized dealer for service if you drop it off. If you don't know the name of the Rolex Boutique or authorised Rolex store nearby, you can find a store locator on Rolex's website.

Google Maps does not appear to make any distinction between Rolex retail store and Rolex Service Centers. In this context, is the best way to locate local Rolex dealers.

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