Why a Rolex Explorer is running slow : Tips and Fixing

Reasons for a Rolex Explorer Running Slow

The condition of your Rolex Explorer is reflected in its accuracy. The Rolex Explorer has to be precise. According to Rolex requirements, the watch cannot lose or gain more than 2 seconds every day.

A symptom is a Rolex Explorer that is operating too slowly. It's critical to get your watch's accuracy back.

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons why your Rolex Date is running too slow. There is an easy technique to diagnosis your Rolex Explorer and determine if it needs to be serviced.

The test below will be able to tell you how many seconds your Rolex Explorer is losing per day. This information should be communicated to the Rolex watchmaker that is going to service the watch.

Timepieces such as the Rolex Explorer are accurate. Plus or minus 2 seconds per day are the company standards. You should not lose or gain more than 2 seconds per day with a Rolex Explorer chronometer.

It is possible for a Rolex Explorer to be inaccurate for several reasons, including but not limited to:

A major impact has been suffered by the Rolex Explorer

Rolex Explorer movements can be damaged if the watch has been dropped or suffers a significant impact. Rolex Explorers do not have electronic quartz movements; they have mechanical movements with many moving parts:

  • Powering the watch is its mainspring
  • During a watch's operation, time is measured by the balance wheel and hairspring oscillations
  • Assigns oscillator pulses to the escapement
  • Power is transferred through the gear train
  • There is a dial train that moves the hands
  • And much more

To make the watch accurate, each component is positioned precisely on the calibre. Despite the robustness of Rolex's movement, it can be upset by a violent impact. When a watch moves inaccurately following an impact, it is an indication of damage to the watch movement.

The accuracy of your Rolex Explorer should be tested for 48 hours following an impact. As long as the time remains accurate, you can be confident that the impact did not affect the Rolex Explorer. A Rolex Explorer which lose more than two seconds every 24 hours are considered abnormal. How serious is this? In order to check whether the Rolex Explorer is damage, it should be taken to a Rolex Service Center.

Rolex Explorer is Running Dry

As the Rolex Explorer has many moving parts, lubricants are required to maintain accuracy and control friction. Watchmakers refer to a watch's lubricant level as 'running dry' when it is too low.

The average Rolex lubricant lasts between five and ten years, but that is just a general rule of thumb. Because, the time limit starts from the moment the Rolex Explorer was purchased, or does it start with the day the watch was manufactured? What was the length of time between when the Rolex Explorer was manufactured and when you purchased it? A lot of things are unknown. Dont rely on the lubricant expect lifespan.

When Rolex Explorer run dry, the lubricants have evaporated. It is necessary to replenish lubricants when they are low. A qualified watchmaker performs the operation who knows exactly what type, where, and how much lubricant is needed.

The Rolex Explorer will lose a few seconds per day when the lubricant is low. When running properly, a Rolex Explorer shouldn't lose more than two seconds per day. Losing 15 seconds over the course of a day on your watch is not normal. Possibly, there is not enough lubricant in the Rolex Explorer movement. There may be more to the problem than just the Rolex Explorer not keeping time. Wear and tear on a movement will be increased with low lubrification. Gears inside will wear out due to the additional friction.

An excellent way to ensure everything is in order with your Rolex Explorer is to test its accuracy.

Rolex Explorer Water Damage Affects

Water damage can cause a Rolex Explorer to run slowly. Dirt, sand, and minerals are left inside Rolex Explorers by water or condensation. If water has penetrated your Rolex Explorer, you need to take it to a Rolex Service Center right away. The movement of a Rolex Explorer is susceptible to damage from any type of water, but saltwater is most dangerous.

The Rolex Explorer needs repair immediately, no matter what the cause. Rolex Explorer watch repairs will become more expensive if internal damage is not addressed in a timely manner.

A lot of people try DIY methods found in the internet, such as uncooked rise or placing your Rolex Explorer on a heater, which won't dry their Rolex Explorer. A high-end mechanical watch like the Rolex Explorer simply cannot be fixed using these methods.

The Rolex Explorer still has moisture and deposits inside, which will slowly damage the movement. When a Rolex Explorer runs slow, it may be an indication that the movement has deteriorated. The worst case would be rusting. Rolex watchmakers are the only ones qualified to mend a Rolex watch that has suffered a water leak.

You are probably aware that Rolex Explorer if has been water damaged. Testing its accuracy isn't necessary. I would recommend that you send the watch in as soon as possible for service.

Test if a Rolex Explorer need service

The test involves checking the Rolex Explorer time every 24 hours.

The Rolex Explorer's accuracy standard is +2 or -2 seconds per day fluctuation.

If the Rolex Explorer was dropped on the floor or received a heavy knock. It's a good idea to repeat the accuracy-test several times to see whether the collision has caused any harm to the Rolex movement.

For the accuracy test, the Rolex Explorer must be fully wound.

To begin, make sure your Rolex Explorer is completely wound and ready to use. To wind the Rolex Explorer, unscrew and pull out the crown, then wind it around 40 times.

To set the time on the Rolex Explorer, use your smartphone or a desktop clock.

Then start the Rolex Explorer by push in the crown and tightening it properly to the watch case.

Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to verify the watch's accuracy in 24 hours.

During the day, wear your Rolex Explorer. If you normally take it off at night, you can do so. The watch's power reserve will keep it going all night.

The Rolex Explorer must be worn on an active wrist during the test in order for the rotor to maintain winding the watch. You may manually fill up the power reserve if you're having a physically inactive day. Use the Rolex Explorer crown to wind the movement in the evening.

Check the time on the Rolex Explorer after 24 hours to determine if it has stayed correct.

Results of Rolex Explorer Accuracy test

Compare your smartphone's time to the time on the Rolex Explorer.

The difference should not be more than 2 seconds faster or slower over a period of 24 hours.

You can consider the Rolex Explorer accurate within Rolex specifications if the time on the watch is the same as your smartphone with a 2 seconds tolerance.

Repeat the test if the Rolex Explorer timepiece has gained or lost more than 2 seconds.

If multiple tests confirm that the Rolex Explorer is not accurate, there may be a problem with your watch movement, and it should be serviced.

A Rolex Service Center will conduct a more thorough examination of the watch calibration and pinpoint the root of the issue.

Rolex Service will fix a Rolex Explorer running slow

Rolex Explorer Service can restore the Rolex Explorer accuracy.

The Rolex Service, according to Rolex SA, comprises all essential procedures to restore the Rolex Explorer's functioning and appearance. I've put up the following list of what's included in the Rolex service.

The following services are included in Rolex's normal servicing fee:

Rolex Explorer Cleaning

Every component of a Rolex Explorer will be removed and cleaned individually. Dismantled parts are placed in ultrasonic cleaners. During the Rolex service, the Rolex Explorer watch is cleaned both inside and outside.

Replacement Parts for Rolex Explorer

At the Rolex Service Center, every component of the Rolex Explorer movement is checked, and worn-out parts are replaced. Lubricants will be applied to the movements before the watch is reassembled.

Calibration of the Rolex Explorer

The Rolex Explorer movement will be tested and tuned by a Rolex qualified watchmaker to ensure that it performs accurately. Rolex Explorer mechanical movements will be accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day.

Polishing of a Rolex Explorer

Rolex watchmaker will restore the original luster to the Rolex Explorer bracelet and case. Some customers do not want their watches polished, despite the fact that it will not lower the servicing cost.

Waterproof Rolex Explorer

The replacement of watch gaskets is included in the usual Rolex servicing cost. In addition, the watch will be checked for waterproofness in accordance with the manufacturer's standards. Rolex's Swiss manufacturing does the same sort of water-resistant testing.

Rolex Explorer comes with a two-year warranty.

A two-year guarantee is guaranteed for Rolex Explorer maintenance performed by the Rolex Service Center.

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