How long does Rolex take to service a Rolex GMT-Master?

Rolex GMT-Master Service Time at Rolex Service Centers

The time needed for a Rolex Service Center to service Rolex GMT-Master is information many Rolex owners want to know before booking their Rolex Service. Here is the information, I have found about the time it get for a Rolex Service.

Average Rolex Service Time is 7 weeks

Owners of Rolex GMT-Master watches have reported enjoying faster turnaround times at the Rolex Service Center when they drop off and pick up their watches.

Rolex GMT Master Service typically takes Rolex six weeks. The time it takes to receive and return your Rolex GMT-Master watch depends on where and how your send the watch. When you send the Rolex GMT-Master by post, it takes an extra seven to ten working days for the watch to be received and returned to you.

Therefore, you should plan on a 7 to 8 week turnaround time for the Rolex GMT-Master service.

As soon as you receive the Rolex service proposal, you should approve the Rolex Service Center to perform your Rolex GMT-Master service so that it can be done in the shortest time possible.

1. Pick-up and drop-off at local Rolex retailers

On the green plastic card that comes with your Rolex GMT-Master timepiece, you'll find the name of the Rolex Dealer where the watch was purchased.

Whether you purchased the Rolex GMT-Master watch in their store or elsewhere, Rolex retailers all provide Rolex's aftercare service. 

Local Rolex authorized retailer provides drop off and pick up point instead of servicing Rolex GMT-Master models themself. Therefore, you can safely drop off your Rolex GMT-Master at one of the Rolex authorized dealers for service. In case you don't know the name of the Rolex Boutique or authorized Rolex store nearby, Rolex's website provides a store locator.

Rolex unauthorized retailers and authorized Rolex retailers do not appear to be distinguished within Google Maps. If you want to find Rolex dealers in your area, is your best option.

2. Rolex Service Centers accept drop-off and pick-up

If you need to have your Rolex GMT-Master serviced, you can do so at the Rolex Service Center. Rolex offers service for Rolex watches exclusively at Rolex Service Centers. A Rolex Service Center will be able to handle the servicing of your Rolex GMT-Master in your home country. It is not necessary to service Rolex watches in Switzerland.

You can drop off your Rolex GMT-Master at the Rolex Service Center in your city if you have one. Likewise, you can pick up the Rolex GMT-Master after it has been serviced. You can schedule an appointment in your country through the Rolex Customer Service department. Rolex's Representatives are able to schedule appointments for you. Owners of Rolex GMT-Master watches can drop their watches off at an authorized Rolex service center. From beginning to end, it was a great experience. 

A Rolex Service Centre nearby might not be the most convenient option. Rolex watches were reported serviced while people were on vacation in London.

3. Sending Rolex GMT-Master to service center by post

Rolex will provide instructions for sending your Rolex GMT-Master for servicing once you contact Rolex Service Centre and inquire about its servicing. Described in an emailed document, Rolex outlines how Rolex GMT-Master watches can be sent to its Rolex Service Centers.

Send the watch only after you've received instructions from the Rolex Service Center. There is a rigid protocol followed by Rolex when it comes to sending Rolex watches. The Rolex Service Centre will provide you with instructions how the Rolex GMT-Master is boxed up and sealed.

Unless you follow Rolex's instructions, your parcel will not be opened.

How to send your Rolex GMT-Master to Rolex service by mail

You should follow the packaging instructions that Rolex gives you, as they may change. These are some elements a Rolex Service Center might ask you:

  • Ensure that you have filled out the bottom section of the Rolex Service form. Rolex GMT-Master owners must include this form with their watch.
  • The best packaging for Rolex watches is a sturdy box. It is imperative to secure the Rolex GMT-Master inside the box to prevent movement.
  • When packing or sending your Rolex GMT-Master to Rolex Manufacturing Services, do not use the original Rolex box.
  • The Rolex GMT-Master should be wrapped with soft tissue paper and bubble wrap, as recommended by Rolex.
  • Tissue or another packing material should be used to pack the box. It is advisable to place Rolex GMT-Masters in the middle of the box.
  • The packing material should prevent Rolex GMT-Master watches from shifting inside the box.
  • In addition to the packing material, Rolex's warranty card should also be included.
  • In order to guarantee that the Rolex form is correctly processed by the service center database, it must be filled out legibly.
  • The box should be closed and secured with brown paper tape. Plastic tape must not be used on packages to prevent tampering.
  • Your package should be sent to your choice of Rolex Service Center.

A green warranty card comes with the Rolex GMT-Master

If you have it, the Rolex warranty cards must accompany each Rolex GMT-Master watch. If you don't have the green warranty card, it might be a good idea to call the Rolex Service Center before sending the GMT-Master.

You should use registered mail when sending your Rolex GMT-Master

Registered mail is the best method for shipping Rolex GMT-Master parcels. The recipient should sign for the parcel, and tracking should be available in every country. You should be able to track a parcel online, if possible.

There are also insurance policies that cover lost or damaged items up to a certain amount. Defining the content and the worth of your Rolex GMT-Master will be necessary from you.

Checklist for packing a Rolex GMT-Master

Watches such as the Rolex GMT-Master should be packed according to the manufacturer's directions

Brown paper should be used to wrap the parcel for Rolex. If your package is sealed with plastic or is attached with cellophane, the Rolex Service Centre will return it. The Rolex GMT-Master will be returned immediately by Rolex.

Documentations and Rolex GMT-Master warranty card

Send both the Rolex mailing form and the warranty card with the GMT-Master, as instructed.

To send a Rolex GMT-Master, you should use registered mail

Whenever a Rolex watch is sent to the Rolex Service Center, it must be posted with a tracking number and signed by an authorized person.

Rolex customer service contact

Customers can reach Rolex customer service by phone. For service on your Rolex GMT-Master watch, you should contact your local Rolex Centre Service. Their customer service representatives will guide you in sending a Rolex GMT-Master to them.

  • Rolex Service Australia +61 3 9654 3988
  • Rolex Service Canada +1 416 968 1100
  • Rolex Service France+33 1 44 29 01 50
  • Rolex Service Germany +49 221/ 1650 0
  • Rolex Service Hong Kong +852 2249 8888
  • Rolex Service India +91 22 6625 3600
  • Rolex Service Singapore +65 6737 9033
  • Rolex Service South Africa +27 11 784 9230
  • Rolex Service Spain +34 91 426 49 00
  • Rolex Service Switzerland +41 22 302 22 00
  • Rolex UK Service (United Kingdom) +44 20 7024 7300
  • Rolex USA Service (United States) +1 212 758 7700

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